120 Watt Folding Solar Panel Kit

120 Watt Folding Solar Panel Kit

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$15.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

New release fully update folding 120w folding solar panel, we think this is the best unit on the market and the best value in Australia for sure.

  • MPPT Regulator
  • 35mm Metal Frame
  • Monocrystalline silicon cells
  • 3mm tempered glass
  • Adjustable Elevation Legs (to cover all of Australia)
  • Padded Case
  • 5M Power cable with Anderson plug and Aligator clips
  • Heavy Duty Handle with large opening

  • Max power: 120 Watt
  • Open voltage (VOC): 21.6 Volt
  • Short current (ISC): 7.2 Ampere
  • Mpp voltage (Vmp): 18 Volt
  • Mpp current (Imp): 6.67 Ampere
  • Maximum system voltage: 1000 Volt
  • Panel Dimensions: 819 mm x 544 mm x 35 mm (being 2 panels when closed the depth is 80mm)
  • 1 x SolarKing 120 Watt Solar Panel (SKU: 6590T)

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